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Anonymous Accounts: These accounts are crucial for anyone who wants to be discreet with their online transactions. See Anonymous Account Services. [Moderate]

Backup: A single, one-time backup without insurance is sometimes all the poor can afford, hoping that they can buy backup insurance later or that someone that cared about them will see to a resleeving. [Moderate]

Backup Insurance:In the event of verifiable death, or after a set period of being missing, backup insurance will arrange for your cortical stack to be retrieved and your ego downloaded into another morph. If the cortical stack cannot be retrieved, your most recent backup is used. Most policies require that the holder provide a backup to be uploaded into secure storage at least twice a year. This industry works in a manner similar to insurance underwriting in terms of cost and individuals engaged in high risk professions can expect to pay a premium for the service. Additionally, attempts to retrieve a cortical stack are minimal unless one wants to pay for some extra effort (a thriving industry of paramilitary ego-repo operatives exists for this purpose). [Low to Moderate

per month]

Body Bank: People who are egocasting to another station but whom hope to download back into the same body they have before when they return may put the morph on ice for the duration of their absence. [Moderate per month]

Bot/Pod Rental: When you need a helping hand or a personal companion for a day or two, renting a bot or pod is often the way to go. [Moderate per day]

Egocasting: This is the use of a farcaster to transmit an ego/infomorph. Farcasting is not cheap, and the cost is impacted by factors such as distance to receiver station and priority service (paying extra to get bumped ahead in line). [Expensive]

Fake Ego ID: This forged ID will pass in most inner system and Jovian Republic habitats, and sometimes others. [High]

Morph Brokerage: Acquiring a new morph is not always easy and is affected by factors such as the type of morph, sought-after enhancements/customizations, and local availability. Numerous brokerage services exist to �find you what you need, or close to it. With enough lead-time, it may be possible to grow a pod that closely imitates your morph of choice. A willingness to accept used/traded-in morphs helps to reduce costs. For more details, see Morph Brokerage.

Psychosurgery: A character can purchase time in an immersive high-fidelity simulspace with expert care from psychosurgeons and AIs in order to cope with derangements and disorders that build up as a result of existing in a transhuman universe. For an additional price the procedure can be time shifted to speed up the relative time within the simulspace. For more details, see Mental Healing and Psychotherapy, and Psychosurgery. [Moderate per month]

Simulspace Subscription: This will by you access to the simulspace of your choice, whether you want it for a private meeting/vacation or to play the latest and hottest VR game. [Low (single use/1 day) to Moderate (monthly subscription)]

Space Travel: Space transport cost depends on a number of factors like distance, quality of lodgings, and how much cargo you’re bringing with. At the low end, an intra-habitat shuttle trip within the same cluster, or a trip to or from a planetary body’s surface and orbit, is not cheap but affordable [High]. Just about anything else is progressively more costly. [Expensive]

Animal Care: Though smart animals are sometimes self-sufficient, any animal caretaker who plans to be away for an extended period likely needs to have someone make sure their critters get food, water, and exercise. [Low per week; Moderate for large animals]

Animal Training: Smart animals take well to training, but not everyone has the time, inclination, or patience to do it right. Professional animal trainers provide this service, teaching them commands and new skills. See Smart Animal Training, for estimated timeframes. [Moderate per month]

Blind Spot/Route: Certain groups intentionally create or maintain “blind spots” in public areas that are free of surveillance coverage. These are then rented out to those who need to conduct a discreet transaction, switch disguises, or otherwise do something without being seen or leaving a record. These blind spots rarely last long; new ones must be created. For a greater expense, a painstakingly mapped route can be purchased that carefully winds its way without crossing through the coverage area of any sensors. These routes are rare and hard to maintain; it is unlikely that you can shop for a route in a specific area, but they are good for setting up a meeting in a location with an unwatched escape route. Alternatively, at even greater expense, it is sometimes possible to pay criminal groups to create a temporary route for you along the path of your choosing. [High or more]

Crypto-cred: Crypto-cred is anonymous, encrypted currency. It is used by those who wish to purchase black market goods, hide their transactions, launder money, or avoid taxes. It is illegal in some habitats, but remains in heavy use, especially with criminal cartels. Acquiring crypto-cred is as simple as buying it with credit via an anonymized transaction with a secure crypto-cred server. The encrypted crypto-credits can then be signed over to other parties, who can redeem them through a similar service. There is a 10% fee to exchange cryptocred with credit and vice versa, but there is no cost to exchanging crypto-cred between people.

ID Protection: Various hypercorps offer ID monitoring services to protect against ID theft and fraud, alerting the user of suspicious events and activity. At a greater expense, the corp offers active protection, alerting

local authorities, tracking down potential abusers, and blocking future unauthorized transactions. [Low for one year of monitoring; Moderate for one year of active protection services]

Privacy Suite: Privacy suite services are offered by many restaurants, night clubs, hotels, and similar businesses who frequently have clientèle that desire a private space for meetings or other functions. These suites function similar to privacy pods and are regularly scoured for bugs. In some habitats, automated privacy hotels offer these suites as a walk-in or reserved service. [Low per hour]

Private Sensor Feeds: In addition to coverage of private areas, many public areas are seeded with privately owned cameras and sensors that are off-limits to public access. These sensors are sometimes higher-quality or have more capabilities than standard publicams. Some providers offer timed access or access to recordings for a particular time period for a fee, however. [Low per hour]

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